Love, Rita

  I am a member of a music group called the Youth Rock Orchestra. Their philosophies on music have made tremendous impact on my life. One of their sayings is “take it to 11” which means do everything to your full potential. My director always says “when in doubt, just rock out.” She means even if you don’t know what to do, just go with the flow. Rock Orchestra allows me to play with professional rock stars, like Mark Wood, and it shows me how to be a rock star myself all the time. It helps us see that we can do anything we want if we just set our minds to it. My mind set has changed for the better because of the Youth Rock Orchestra.
          The Youth Rock Orchestra has taught me how to use my full potential. I use it not only in music but in school and life as well. I now put more effort in my classes rather than sitting and twiddling my thumbs. As an artist of many talents I use this idea to help me be as outrageous as I truly am. My grades and over all enthusiasm has improved greatly due to this philosophy.
          At my first Rock Orchestra concert I was without music and I’m the only French horn player. I then started panicking because we were about to go on stage in less then five minutes. Mrs. Isbell, my director, came over to me and calmed me down. She said “when in doubt, just rock out.”  This means, if you don’t know what to do then try your best and don’t skip out on activities because you might miss something worthwhile if you do. So I went on stage and played my two songs by memory and totally rocked out. I use this philosophy for everything. Like on tests, if I don’t know an answer I at least take a guess. I use it for performing all the time. When I am not sure of a dance move or a riff, I still hit it with enthusiasm even if it’s wrong. Therefore the audience believes it was right. This philosophy is “hands down” my favorite.
          Rock Orchestra itself has changed my mindset. My outlook on life as enlightened by far. I look forward to doing more activities then I use to. I take myself to higher levels and I never give up. Rock orchestra’s philosophies have not only helped me improve my artistic ability but as a person all around. These new ideas have stretched my mind for the better and I am proud to never be the same. 

Essay for the Arkansas Governor's School
Rita R.