What ROCK Orchestra Means to Me

Ok, so this year made it my 4th year in ROCK Orchestra and I just thought I'd share what it means to me and how it's changed me. So... Here we go! I remember the first year (my freshman year), I was so nervous about it, about the music, about whether i would be good enough or not. I quickly got over that once we got in the dressing rooms and everyone was rushing around talking to people, getting ready, and helping each other out. I decided I'd give it a shot and try to make new friends, meet new people, and make a new family. Well, I did. And after I got done making new friends, we got on stage and it was time to rock out and show Little Rock and all of Arkansas what we were made of. I was always shy at rehearsal, but I let loose and had an AMAZING time! Once we started, I didn't want it to end, but just as fast as it started, it was over. I hugged all my new friends goodbye in hopes to see them again the next time Mark Wood and his band came to town. Fast forward 2 years to my Junior year in high school. I didn't have that nervous feeling like i had my freshman year because I was relatively familiar with the music and I had amazing new friends. I went all out on my Rockstar look and I got a lot of compliments and it helped me make new friends. Once again, we got on stage, rocked out, and it was over again... This year, my Senior year, was THE BEST year I've ever had in ROCK Orchestra. I got to see my old friends again, we played songs that I actually got into and I rocked out again.
Now, this is where I'm going to let everyone that I've made new friendships and a new family with know just how much you all mean to me and how you've made an impact on me and my life.
My freshman year I considered giving up and dropping out of orchestra because I became bored with it. But then Mrs. Isbell (love you to death! you're like my second mom!) came and talked to us about joining this thing she called "ROCK Orchestra with the Mark Wood Experience" and I thought, "huh... sounds interesting... might as well give it a try!" So, I did! And after that first year, my perspective on orchestra as a whole completely made a 360* and I actually enjoyed being in orchestra! I've never felt so connected with music and so... Engaged in orchestra, but now that i've seen what a violin can do, I'm amazed. I really am! I plan on staying in ROCK Orchestra as long as I possibly can! It motivates me to try as hard as I can, it allows me to become my family's own rockstar for a night, and it lets me express myself through music I actually hear on the radio and on my iPod.
I can't thank you enough for becoming my second family and changing my perspective on orchestra. I seriously can't. I've never felt so capable of doing something like this. I've never felt so embraced by a group of amazing people that are there for the same reason as me; to rock out, have a great time, and just have fun!
So, I'll say this again,
You all have become a part of me, my family, and my life and I can't thank you enough for giving me the best 4 years of my life and making that night of rocking out be so amazing!
Thanks for making me feel confident in my violin playing and giving me self-esteem and making me believe in myself!
Thank you for allowing me to share the spotlight with each and every one of you and giving me THE BEST night of my life! You all have amazing talent and it's been the greatest pleasure in sharing it with me!
I love you all!