The Moment

This is about my personal moment, the Fire 'N' Ice solo, but I think it applies to any memory.
Vivaldi Rocks is over. Your heart races because of the next song. Finally, after the applause, Mark begins to play the intro to your solo song. You jump up from the front row, making sure not to trip over anything. You walk up to the front of the stage. You put your bow on the string and begin to play your Fire 'N' Ice solo. You stand next to Mark and you rock out together. You feel slightly nervous, but once you play through a couple bars, you feel a little more confident. This is what you've been waiting for; what you've been spending all of your Friday afternoons preparing for; why you turned down friends' invitations to sleepovers, movies, and anything else resembling a "normal" teenage life, so you could practice. This moment. Right now. And it's worth it. You feel a rush of adrenaline, a burst of energy, You relax, rock out, whip your hair back and forth. You're in your own little world. You snap back into reality and look around. You see the guitarist walking towards you. You two rock out together, back-to-back. The rest of the song is a blur, and it's a shock to you when you discover that there are only a few measures left. The song is over. You breathe a sigh of excitement. The next "moment" couldn't come sooner.