Starting a ROCK Orchestra...

Think Profit:
It IS possible to earn $ that can be reinvested back into your orchestra program.

My Experience:
#1 Electrify Your Strings Program
The rock orchestra concept can difficult to explain. It must be experienced.

Mark Wood to come to your school and do a workshop/concert. The deposit is not much, and the balance can be made through tickets sales, usually with a good bit of profit left over. This is the BEST way to get your school, students & parents to understand the concept of a ROCK Orchestra. After the concert support will come your way like wildfire! Electrify Your Strings also has Sheet music and MP3 Tracks available for purchase.

#2 Recruit parents to help promote / fund raise.
There are parents in your orchestra that would LOVE to help with ROCK Orchestra/Electrify Your Strings program. Invite them into the classroom and explain what you want to do. Show an Electrify Your Strings video. Parental support in the key to any program.

Tell EVERYONE what you are planning/doing. You never know who you might run into that will understand your vision and be able to help financially.

I found support through our Classic Rock radio station. Music Education in public schools has become their platform because of the rock orchestra concept, and their financial support has benefited both the station and our rock orchestra. Profits generated from our concerts are reinvested back into our program. Look for a company in your area that may be interested in doing the same. Look to your local music store for support.

#3 Remember Your Customer
They are 12-18, not 60-80... Give them something to play that they can sink their teeth into! They will reward you with a great show. Your audience will reward you with support! Ask your students what they want to play. They have LOTS of great ideas! Start by adding drums and keyboard to some of your orchestra pieces. That’s a GREAT way to get people interested in the “ROCK Concept.”