Getting into Equipment:

Start Small:

All of the equipment listed will never be wasted, no matter how much gear you add. This will get you a good start and won’t waste a penny!

The ultimate in electric instruments: Wood Violins
They have the cleanest sound of all the electrics and are built to last.

To “electrify” your acoustic instruments, I recommend:

Headway The Band Violin Pickup System
It is tough, easy on/off the instrument, made in violin, viola, & cello sizes, non-invasive to the instrument.

For Amplification:
A 4-channel Piano amp. I use a
Behringer K1800FX Ultratone Keyboard Amplifier (180 Watts, 1x12 in.)
4 students can be plugged into one amp.

Set of Electric Drums
Effects Pedals

The Next step is adding a full PA system. Please contact us for more information on this subject. It can be extensive and expensive.